Bijapur DC Y.S Patil shows Immense loyalty towards his duty

BIJAPUR: Instead of going to his grandfather’s funeral, Vijayapura’s Deputy Collector Y.S Patil shows Immense loyalty towards his duty and humanity intended to bring relief to the flood victims.

DC YS Patil’s maternal Grand Father Mallappa Naykar (91) passed away on friday at Naganoor in Bylahongala taluka. But at the same time water flowing above the danger sign from Bhima and Krishna rivers, entered most of the villages of the district, Due to which many villages have been flooded with water and hundreds of villagers were affected by this flood and became homeless.

In this scenario District Collector Y.S Patil decided to stay in the flood affected areas of the district instead going to the funeral of his grandfather.

“ I was too preoccupied with flood monitoring work that I could not attend the last rites of my maternal grandfather. I have spent my childhood and years of life with him in Naganur village”, DC Y.S Patil said.

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